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T16 Package 2

Optimized Power. Unrivalled Performance.

The Agras T16 has an improved overall structure with modular design and supports the highest payload and widest spray width ever in a DJI agricultural drone. With powerful hardware, an AI engine, and 3D-operation planning, the T16 brings operational efficiency to a whole new level.

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What’s in the package?

DJI Agras T16 x 1

The all-new modular design of the T16 simplifies assembly and accelerates daily maintenance. An IP67 rating provides reliable protection for key components of the drone. A light, yet durable airframe is made of carbon fibre composites and can be quickly folded to 25% of its original size, making it easy for transportation. 

T16 4 Channel Charger x 1

Up to four batteries can be charged simultaneously. When using the single-channel quick charging mode, a full charge only takes 20 minutes, a 50% increase in speed from the previous generation. 

T16 Flight Battery x 4

The T16 Intelligent Flight Battery has a capacity of 17,500 mAh and a 14S high voltage system that reduces power consumption. It is designed with an IP54-rated all-metal housing, and heat dissipation efficiency has increased by 140% from the previous generation.

Phantom 4 RTK + DRTK2 Base Station + Tripod x 1

D-RTK 2 Mobile Station is DJI’s upgraded high-precision GNSS receiver that supports all major global satellite navigation systems, providing real-time differential corrections that generate centimetre-level positioning data for improved relative accuracy.

DJI Terra Advanced 1 Year Subscription (1 Device) x 1

Capture, analyze and visualize your environment with DJI Terra – an easy to use mapping software developed to help industry professionals transform real-world scenarios into digital assets.