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Merging technology and agriculture. Our fleet is growing and its capability is endless.

Our fleet currently consists of 5 drones with varying capabilities, allowing us to meet demands from areas such as, agriculture, surveying, imaging and video, asset inspections, 2D and 3D modelling.   

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This is one of the latest in the line up of agricultural drones from DJI.  Incorporating a number of cutting edge technologies, with an increased payload of 30 litres and 7 litres per min output.  Through its software capabilities and AI engine it can spray in a multitude of different situations along with following tree lines to enable pesticide application from above.

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DJI M300 plus Zenmuse P1

The M300 is a highly versatile RPAS with the ability of varied payload attachments.  Currently we utilise the m300 with the DJI Zenmuse P1 which is a 45 mp full frame sensor coupled with a 35mm interchangeable lens.  This camera is capable of 1cm GSD at 80m altitude

DJI Phantom RTK

The phantom RTK works hand in hand with the T30 by capturing high resolution photographs at 3 second intervals across hte target area.  These images are then stitched together in DJI software Terra.  From within Terra we can plan spray boundaries, identify obstacles and select spray and no spray areas

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