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Scott Fisher

In what seems like a lifetime ago, I studied Agronomy at the University of Queensland but never followed the field, instead ending up in the manufacturing sector for almost 20 years.  As life changes I ended up researching the future of drones in agriculture, utilising my training many years ago and teaming up with the proactive technology savvy team at Ace Ohlsson in Bangalow NSW, we have been able to develop and advance aerial drone applications in precision agriculture in Australia.  My skill set is very wide ranging and I’m always keen to listen to the concerns and wishes of our customers to develop tailored solutions for their business.  This approach of full collaboration at all levels and using the latest in technology has led to the success that Skytech Solutions is today. 

About Sky Tech Solutions - Agricultural Drones & Accessories


Cheyne Paul

With a farming background and experience in retail and marketing, I have enjoyed the challenges that have been presented to us from farmers near and far.  Being able to relate to and understand our customers needs has enabled us to enable a proactive approach instead of a reactive one.  While Scott does the flying, I take care of all the administration and background tasks that keeps Skytech Solutions at the cutting edge of precision agriculture.

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Area Pilot

Paul Buffery

Paul is our area pilot and has been with us for over 2 years.  A qualified baker by trade, he loves the outdoors where his years of experience in small business has given him an exceptional work ethic and friendly attitude.